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Click here to register:   http://monyfc.siplay.com 


2018 Football

Registration for Tackle Football ends June 15, 2018.  Equipment handout will occuer on Saturday, June 23rd and Saturday July 14th.  
Tackle football: 79ers (2nd/3rd grade) and 4th through 8th grade offered. (All teams are grade based)

Before registering your child(ren), a parent or guardian must set up an account.  Returning families, please use your existing account.  Once you have an account set up, you can add children to the account, and then you must register them for a program.  Just because you added a child, it does not mean that he/she is automatically registered for a specific program.  The system is set up for age appropriate registration.  Once you register your child(ren), it will indicate which program(s) is available to your child.

Flag Football for Kindergarten through 2nd grade
The Monroe Lions Flag program is designed to introduce the game of football to boys in kindergarten through second grade.  No equipment, no contact.  The program is set to teach basic fundamentals while having a fun. There will be 1 practice per week for 60 minutes with the goal of teaching basic fundamentals. One game per week will be played (Saturday) for 45 mins allowing every player the chance to play every position.  This game is designed to allow all kids to experience success in the game, learn to love the game and most importantly have FUN.  

Any further flag questions can be directed to  .


2018 Cheer

Sideline Cheer Divisions:

The Sideline Cheer teams focus on fundamental cheer skills, technique and team building.  Sideline Cheer teams will compete at local competitions at the discretion of the Coach and VP of Cheer.  All teams will cheer at football games.

Age breakdowns for the Sideline Cheer teams:

Division:                                  Ages:

6                                            5 & 6

14                                         12, 13 & 14


Nationally Competitive Cheer Divisions:

The Nationally Competitive Cheer teams focus on the same fundamentals as our Sideline Cheer Program in addition to participation  in Local, State, New England Regional and National AYC competitions. The National Championships are held in Orlando, Florida during the first week of December.  A Monroe Lions Nationally Competitive Cheer team must place First Place in the New England Regional competition to advance to Florida.  Please note that by registering for a Nationally Competitive Cheer Division, the Cheerleader must commit to participating in the National Competition if the team advances.  Below are age breakdowns for the Nationally Competitive Cheer divisions:


Divison 8                                    7 & 8

Division 10U                              8, 9, & 10            

Division 12U                              10, 11, & 12                    

Division 14U                              12, 13 & 14


Practice Schedule:  TBD

If you have any questions or need assistance with the registration process, contact Rick Henderson from Monroe Lions Football & Cheer at   end0023@hotmail.com


Registration Fees


Sideline Cheer (Division 6 & 14 only): $125 per child
    Competitive Cheer: $375 for first child, $275 for second child, 3rd child free


Tackle Football: $400 for first child, $300 for second child, 3rd child free
Flag Football: $125 per child


Payment Plan is available - see registration website


Click here to register:   http://monyfc.siplay.com 


As a member of Shoreline Youth Football Conference, Monroe Lions provides and opportunity for all children regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or religious preference and equal opportunity for participation in a safe, competitively balanced and organized setting.

The Monroe Lions Organization is organized to develop and operate a football and cheer program in affiliation with AYF in conformity with and pursuant to the principles, rules amd regulations enunciated by said AYF.  In conjunction with such purposes, the objective of this organization, through the medium of a supervised competitive football and cheerleading program, guided and governed by loyalty, courage, scholarship and reverance, so that they be finer, stronger and happier youths who will grow to be good, healthy adults.  Emphasize that winning is the result of good teammwork.