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D12 Competitive Schedule
by rickhenderson posted 08/26/2014




DATE             OPPONENT              TIME             GRADE         HOME/AWAY


8-31                 Shelton                        1:00 pm           6th                    Away 

9-7                   Newtown                    11:00 am         5th                    Home 

9-14                 Bristol                         1:00 pm           6th                    Home

9-21                 Branford                     11:00 am         8th                    Home             

9-28                 North Haven               2:30 pm           7th                    Away

10-5                 East Haven                  1:00 pm           6th                    Home

10-12               BYE

10-19               Shelton                        11:00 am         4thth                 Home

10-26               Madison                      3:00 pm           7th                    Home

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2014 Game Schedule
by rickhenderson posted 08/13/2014
8th Grade
Date Opponent Time
8/31/2014 N.Branford 3PM away
9/7/2014 Shelton B 5PM away
9/14/2014 Newtown 3PM home
9/21/2014 Shelton A 3PM away
9/28/2014 Southington 1PM home
10/5/2014 BYE  
10/12/2014 North Haven 3PM home
10/19/2014 East Haven 3PM home
10/26/2014 Madison 3PM away


7th Grade
Date Opponent Time
8/31/2014 Southington 3PM away
9/7/2014 OSW 11AM home
9/14/2014 Newtown 1PM away
9/21/2014 BYE  
9/28/2014 North Haven 2:30PM away
10/5/2014 Bristol 3PM home
10/12/2014 East Haven 1PM home
10/19/2014 Simsbury 3PM away
10/26/2014 Madison 3PM home


6th Grade
Date Opponent Time
8/31/2014 Shelton 1PM away
9/7/2014 BYE  
9/14/2014 Bristol 1PM home
9/21/2014 Cheshire A 3PM away
9/27/2014 Manchester Sat 9/27 - 3PM away
10/5/2014 East Haven 1PM home
10/12/2014 Clinton 11AM away
10/19/2014 Wallingford 1PM home
10/26/2014 North Haven 1PM home


5th Grade
Date Opponent Time
8/31/2014 Shelton 11AM away
9/7/2014 Newtown 1PM home
9/14/2014 Southington 11AM away
9/21/2014 Branford 11AM home
9/28/2014 East Haven 11AM away
10/5/2014 Guilford 11AM home
10/12/2014 BYE  
10/19/2014 Bristol 11AM away
10/26/2014 North Haven 11AM home


4th Grade
Date Opponent Time
8/31/2014 BYE  
9/7/2014 Wallingford 1PM away
9/14/2014 Bristol 11AM home
9/21/2014 Newtown 11AM away
9/28/2014 North Haven 12:30PM away
10/5/2014 Cheshire 11AM away
10/12/2014 Southington 11AM home
10/19/2014 Shelton 11AM home
10/26/2014 Branford 9AM home


Date Opponent Time
8/31/2014 Simsbury 11AM away
9/7/2014 Wallingford 11AM away
9/14/2014 East Haven 9AM home
9/21/2014 Cheshire 9AM away
9/28/2014 Branford 11AM home
10/5/2014 North Branford 9AM home
10/12/2014 BYE  
10/19/2014 Southington 9AM home
10/26/2014 Newtown 11AM away



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Flag Football Schedule
by rickhenderson posted 07/14/2014

2014 Flag Football Schedule


Practice Schedule
All Practices 6PM to 7 PM
Wolfe Park Football Field
Thursday, August 21
Thursday, August 28
Thursday, September 04
Thursday, September 11
Thursday, September 18
Thursday, September 25
Thursday, October 02
Thursday, October 09
Thursday, October 16
Thursday, October 23


Game Schedule          
Location: Wolfe Park Football Field        
Saturday, September 06 Game #1 12PM Gators vs Tigers 1PM Wolverines vs Bulldogs
Saturday, September 13 Game #2 12PM Wolverines vs Tigers 1PM Gators vs Bulldogs
Saturday, September 20 Game #3 12PM Bulldogs vs Tigers 1PM Gators vs Wolverines
Saturday, September 27 Game #4 12PM Wolverines vs Bulldogs 1PM Gators vs Tigers
Saturday, October 04 Game #5 12PM Gators vs Bulldogs 1PM Wolverines vs Tigers
Saturday, October 11 Game #6 12PM Gators vs Wolverines 1PM Bulldogs vs Tigers
Saturday, October 18 Playoff Week 12PM #1 Seed vs #4 Seed 1PM #2 Seed vs #3 Seed
Saturday, October 25 Champ/3rd place  12PM 3rd place game 1PM Championship


All practice schedules/time are subject to change due to weather or other circumstances.  Please stay tuned to all email communications from Monica Keegan, Flag Football Team Mom, for schedule updates.


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